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KBC recognises that neither business nor its environment remains static. Effective organisations are able to adjust to internal and external factors to continue proving superior results. Companies that achieve and demonstrate operational excellence are rewarded with lower cost of capital and a higher return on equity. In summary, Superior Results. Sustained.

KBC believes the leading companies get three elements right and in balance to achieve this performance:
  • A sound strategy that incorporates asset and organisational strengths and capabilities
  • A business operating model that is aligned to the corporate DNA and integrated business processes that are focused on the production centre.
  • Organisational discipline to execute the processes flawlessly, day-in and day-out with a sense of ownership and desire for top performance.

Change in the business environment is becoming increasingly rapid, requiring a continuous improvement approach to these three elements. KBC believes this effort must start with the production core engaging the corporate centre to:

  • Understand what can be delivered now and over relevant timeframes.
  • Build a realistic production strategy that supports corporate intent.

With a sound production strategy in place, KBC works with our clients to ensure that the organisation and OMS processes are in place. These must be underpinned by an intimate understanding of process dependencies, decision rights and job roles / responsibilities at the plant. Finally, enabling the organisational discipline to integrate and execute. KBC offers comprehensive programmes to reinvigorate your production operation.

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