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Technology | Infochem Software
PVT modelling, physical properties and Flow Assurance Software

Our expertise in thermodynamics and physical properties and rich software suite enable reliable and accurate modelling of real fluids’ phase behaviour for reservoir samples, oil and gas production and processing, flow assurance applications and sizing of equipment and facilities.

The combination of KBC’s detailed engineering process simulation and energy management technologies with Infochem’s capability and understanding of reservoir production and complex fluids behaviour provide a powerful set of engineering FLOW ASSURANCE SOFTWARE and wax deposition solutions for asset owners, operators, oilfield service companies, EPC contractors and equipment manufacturers and integrators.

Read about the new versions of our software here!

We offer two FLOW ASSURANCE SOFTWARE products:



Multiflash provides a complete and reliable solution for the evaluation of the phase behaviour of complex fluids across the whole equipment and plant design process and during operations, and enables engineers with quantitative information and data to rapidly assess options, make choices and prevent or forecast potential problems.



FloWax is a powerful multiphase pipeline simulator with wax deposition modelling capabilities for flow assurance and production applications. Through the unique blend of Multiflash’ advanced wax thermodynamics and a robust implementation of multiphase flows model in pipeline, FloWax provides a fully integrated solution to wax deposition modelling in pipeline.



KBC aquired Infochem in June 2012. Read more about the acquisition here.

To contact Infochem directly, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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