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KBC Advanced Technologies is a leading independent oil and gas consulting and technology company. Following the acquisition of various upstream companies, including Infochem and FEESA, KBC now offers the complete value chain for upstream, midstream and downstream: from reservoir to refinery, pump to processing facility.

Our consultants utilize a range of software, including FEESA Maximus™ Integrated Production Modelling Software and Infochem Multiflash™ PVT Simulator for pre-conceptual design studies of reservoirs and wells, and production optimisation of pipeline networks for the life of new and existing assets, including large networks, deepwater, LNG systems and onshore gas gathering systems. Additionally, the KBC Petro-SIM™ Process Simulation Suite provides the design, operation and management of hydrocarbon processing facilities worldwide, generating value and reducing risk.

In times of economic uncertainty and increasing environmental pressure, our proprietary methodologies and innovative tools guide our clients’ key strategic decisions. KBC empowers our clients with oil and gas consulting advice and technology to deliver enduring excellence in safety, profitability and environmental performance.